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Hofstede’s 5 dimensions of Mexico compare with USA.

As I explained in my last post, the Hofstede’s cultural dimensions theory measures the behavior presented by most of the countries around the world, in 5 specific categories: Power Distance, Individualism, Masculinity/Femininity, Uncertainty avoidance and Long term orientation. This time I will make a comparison between USA cultural behavior score in every category and mexican as well.

In The first category (Power Distance) Mexico scored a 40 instead of the USA score of 81. This scores show that mexican society tents to be more inequitable than USA society. “Social inequalities in developing countries, like Mexico, seem so normal that few people pay attention to the figures that show the huge differences that exist.”(Peña, 2006).

The second category (Individualism) shows an score of 30 against 91 scored by USA. The scores show that Mexican society is least individualist than USA society. Mexican society is more used to teamwork which means that mexican society is also a society based in loyalty.

The third category (Masculinity/femininity) shows an score of 62 for Mexico and a 69 for USA. This two scores are very close making this the dimension in which both countries appear to share the same cultural characteristic. Mexico and USA have similar scores in this category, but USA has developed it in a better way. Even though USA developed it in a better way, Mexico’s competitiveness have increased recently. “Within Latin America, Mexico is the only country in Latin America that has increased its world competitiveness, according to the IMD’s 2012 World Competitiveness Yearbook (WCY).”(Megan, 2012),

The fourth category (uncertainty avoidance) shows an score of 82 for Mexico and 46 for USA. Mexican society tries always to be more accurate and uncertainty is not an acceptable context.

The Last category (Long-term orientation) does not show a score for Mexico, but it shows a score of 39 percent. This score is not available for Mexico, but personally I can say that Mexican society are not a very long-term planner society. We always think in a short-term way.

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Mexico and Prof. Hofstede’s 5-D

628005096_a5bd5854b1According with Professor Hofstede’s 5-model research, there are certain characteristics of Mexican culture when it comes to describe its economy behavior.

The first category is called power distance. This first model basically describes the perspective Mexicans have about equality.  The higher the score is, the more inequality the country faces. Mexico scored 81, which means we are a hierarchical society. In my opinion this score should be even higher. We mexicans are very competitives but we have an exagerated respect for people in higher positions. Some more information can be found in this link “The New Mexican Executive”.

The second category is called individualism. It is refer to the level of interdependence the society maintains among their members. Mexico scored a 30, which reflects that we are a very united society. I strongly agree with this statement, because loyalty is a very important and valuable characteristic of mexicans.

The third category is called Masculinity-Feminity. It measure the level of competitiveness of a country. According to Hofstede, Mexico scored a 69 which means that Mexico is a masculine society, but I am not sure that this is true. Living my whole life in Mexico made me realized that we do not put a lot of effort in what we do but maybe that is just in the region I used to live.

The fourth category is called Uncertainty avoidance. I am specially agree with the score given to Mexico in this category. An 82 reflects that we are not very open when it comes to change the way things are done. We follow a regimen and we stick with it.

The last one, but not less important category is called Long Term Orientation. There is not an score in this category for Mexico but in my opinión, if we would have an score it would be low. Mexico is just starting to think in long-term projects but it is still very difficult because our culture is not very used to that way of thinking. Mexico is a country with very distinct approach and business outlook, according to World Business culture post “Doing business in Mexico”

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